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Most companies are enthusiastic about the concept of a "paperless" office, but cannot fully achieve this due to current business processes and applicable regulatory and legal plans. On the other hand, the legal responsibility for the products or services offered and the long-term archiving of documentation of all processes of a business have led to an increased need for archiving that costs more than just space.

REISSWOLF processes, categorizes and archives your documents and data sets. Based on your needs, we develop and propose archiving solutions specifically designed for your company.

Our web-based archiving software allows you to issue instructions for new additions, document retrieval requests - either physically or scanned as per your demand - barcoding, access control at user or user group level, and even more, destruction in accordance with the data protection legislation.

In addition to providing a space-saving solution, our high-security archiving environments enable efficient work processes, as analog data can be digitally accessed at any time, powered by our system which enables hybrid archiving capability. Because the more we will continue to work with digital documents in the future, the more important the need for high availability and access to information will be, regardless of location.

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Benefits to you

  • Advice on all issues relating to physical and digital document archiving and management – including for large projects. Physical document archiving in high-security archive facility with 24/7 web-based access/retrievability.

  • Seamless documentation of all archiving steps and permanent management via the web-based REISSWOLF Archive. Manager. software.

  • Definition of user groups and information about every document movement easily available – either regionally or across offices.

  • Documents transported, archived and accessed only by our own staff.

  • On-demand scanning also possible at all times.

  • Certified for quality management under ISO 9001:2015.