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Archiving software by REISSWOLF

Practical and secure management 

The archiving software developed by REISSWOLF provides you with an efficient management solution and access to your entire stock of recorded physical documents.

Individually customised to our customers' needs, our archiving software adapts, searches for, manages and maintains data, documents and files.


Our online archiving software guarantees round-the-clock access to your entire stock of documents, and documents can be requested quickly and directly. If necessary, they can be delivered by a REISSWOLF driver within 2 hours or a workday, depending on the type of request performed through the system by the Client's personel, or can be provided electronically via scan-on-demand service.


User groups and rights can also be defined via our archiving software that give information about all access to data and every document movement. All you need to use our archiving software is an internet connection – nothing more. We will give you the login data for the protected security area giving you the possibility to interact in real time with your archive.

Optimal management

Every document has a unique identifying barcode at all times. After a new label is generated by the system, it is attached to the document, folder or corresponding box. Afterwards, our personnel performs the indexing into the system, followed by the positioning at the corresponding shelf in the archive. At this moment dhe document becomes visible in the system with the status "active", giving the possibility to the Client's engaged personnel to interact with the inventory and release orders through the system. 

Your company-specific structure is retained or can be re-organised if required and made more effective. The functionality of the intelligent management tool aims to meet your specifications and needs – no matter whether regionally or across offices.

Benefits to you

  • Seamless documentation of all external and/or internal archiving steps

  • Efficient management with protected personalized web interface

  • Collection of metadata as per customer's specification

  • Access, destruction and new storage requested via the archiving software by REISSWOLF – regionally or across offices

  • Physical and digital (hybrid) documents can be classified