Living. Data.

REISSWOLF 360° data management.

We want to make living and working with data as simple as possible for our clients, both now and in the future . We have therefore developed a 360° range of services focusing on secure data management that interconnect analogue and digital in a future-oriented and smart way. Our clients trust our solutions, as they guarantee them security and continuity.

Starting with the digitization of documents of all kinds and in all forms, through to secure physical archiving as well as secure digital archiving, and up to secure data destruction and document shredding in line with data protection legislation, enhanced by appropriate software products such as our web-based archive management system that is available at all times.

According to market studies, Albanian companies, in particular, need to catch up in terms of technology. The main reason for this has been a long period of uncertainty over the legal status of cloud-based solutions or installations that were too expensive and complex. In some cases, individuals also thought that all the hype around digitization was not that relevant for their own company, and therefore many analogue processes remained in place.

Open-plan offices, home offices or ways of working together across teams and different locations make mobile working one of the issues of the future. And it is imperative for a company to have access to all its relevant data at all times.

We invite you to make use of our practical knowledge of legally watertight data management and rely on data protection that's "Made in Germany".

Our claim is: as analogue as necessary, as digital as possible.

REISSWOLF guarantees you the highest standards of security and appropriately interlinked services & solutions that are always simple and transparent. In short: We provide everything that has to do with your company's data under the same roof. So you can feel sure that everything has been organised to be future-proof and in line with data protection legislation.