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Data destruction and document shredding

Protecting what's important.

Every company works with sensitive data. Its secure and legally compliant destruction is as important as handling it confidentially. This includes paper documents and electronic data carriers.

Data protection, process security, compliance with legal retention periods – keeping this knowledge and the associated actions up to date ties up resources that could be better used in other ways. We would be pleased to provide you with our expertise, for example regarding correctly implementing the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It is our business to ensure that nobody has even the slightest opportunity to gain unwanted access to your data. We take this responsibility very seriously. We apply high security standards to every step of the destruction process. The entire operation is regularly checked by external quality managers and certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

The material, which may be of the type of massive archive whose retention time has expired or daily discarded documents of office work, is securely shredded & destroyed in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 9887, dated 10/03/2008 "On the protection of personal data" and Law no. 9154, dated 6/11/2003 "For the archives", as well as in compliance with DIN 66399 standards.

If the technical conditions permit, all materials are also recycled as secondry industrial materials to contribute to the conservation of natural resources.

The process is finalized through our issuing of the certificate "Confidential Data Destruction" which testifies that the Client has acted in accordance with the Albanian laws, as well as the certificate "Eco - Information" which informs the Client on natural resources that have been saved through the recycling process.

You do the monitoring

REISSWOLF Albania is responsible for the confidential material from the moment they are retrieved, to their secure shredding & destruction. Our secure vehicles which are equipped with GPS technology, after being loaded with the confidential material, transport and store them in our high security premises.

Our premises are monitored with a CCTV video surveillance system - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The entire process is performed, recorded and monitored in accordance with the ISO 9001 certification procedures. The entire process is recorded and delivered to the Client on DVD.

An employee, designated by the client, is present throughout the entire destruction process, the only moment when REISSWOLF opens the containers with the materials that are to be destroyed.

Benefits to you

  • Closed security chain from collection through to destruction by certified professional shredding machines, in accordance with Albanian laws and in compliance to the P4 - P7 levels of the DIN 66399 standards.

  • Comprehensive data protection advice including concept development provided by our highly skilled and experienced staff.

  • In-house-developed REISSWOLF safety. Patented, secure and hermetically sealed containers at your disposal for the deposit of daily discarded office documents. Customer-friendly periodic pick-ups and additional emptying if required.

  • Special REISSWOLF security containers with individual locking authorisation and event recording for maximum security are available in various sizes. 

  • Our services are provided exclusively by REISSWOLF employees who are committed to data secrecy.



Secure destruction of electronic devices and elements

REISSWOLF Albania also performs the destruction of all types of electronic / computer equipment, small or big which may contain sensitive data, with appropriate security levels as defined by the DIN 66399 standards.

We perform the secure shredding & destruction of elements such as CD's / DVD's (O3), access cards (T4), usb flash drives (E3), RAM memory (H5), Hard Disks (H5), as well as the destruction in complex of laptop and desktop computers, printers and copiers, etc.

The process is carried out in accordance with Albanian laws and in compliance with environmental policies set under ISO 14001.

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