Living. Data.


Our business processes are increasingly defined by growing amounts of data. Nowadays, fast access to the required information, regardless of time or place, is a given.

Optimal management and control of data is essential if it is to be used effectively. Our digital archiving solutions enhanced by the appropriate hardware & software products guarantee security and continuity in the long run.

REISSWOLF offers you solutions for managing your documents in digital form, according to your specific needs.

REISSWOLF digitization services

Scanning Service

Fast, secure and legally compliant digitization of folders, files, hanging files, technical drawings, paper and transparent originals of all sizes, including the provisioning of the necessary hardware tools and software solutions. 

Digital Archiving

We provide a web-based, audit-proof, digital archive solution that offers a convenient search functionality and high-speed access. Our solution can be deployed in the cloud, or can be implemented at your premises, depending on your requirements.

Hybrid File

With our hybrid archiving system, we offer you a solution in which digital files can be integrated into the archive holdings in parallel with whole or partially stored stocks of your paper files, managed by our REISSWOLF archive. manager. software.