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Using archives in a contemporary way means to digitize intelligently.

Every company needs a legally compliant archive. Since it is constantly growing, it requires considerable maintenance and space. Thus, at some point, the idea of simply digitalizing the entire archive comes almost inevitably. Not always the best solution.

Because digitizing is not reduced to the technical process of scanning. It involves an extensive workflow, which can be a considerable time and cost factor. A better solution is the secure and cost-effective archiving at REISSWOLF of all your urgently required original documents (e.g. certificates) as well as all files & folders that are almost never accessed. And if required, our hybrid file will then supplement your archive holdings in digital form.

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The REISSWOLF hybrid file. Space-saving. Simple. Cost-effective.

With our hybrid archiving system, we offer you a solution in which digital files can be integrated into the archive holdings in parallel with whole or partially stored stocks of your paper files, managed by our REISSWOLF archive. manager. software. This allows you to digitize only when needed and still have access to your entire archived corporate knowledge at all times.

Overview of functions

Using our archive software REISSWOLF archive. manager., you can manage your file stock at any time.

In your inventory overview, you can see at a glance whether and how many digital files have already been recorded and can be accessed. 

Select a digital data set and edit it as required. 

Whenever you need a document from the archive, we make it available to you easily, securely and quickly via our Scan-on-Demand.

Your advantages with the REISSWOLF Scan-on-Demand service.

Whenever an archived document is required at short notice, you have the option of having us provide it digitally and securely via Scan-on-Demand. After 28 days at the latest, however, the data is deleted again. If you wish to add the data permanently to your archive stock, the hybrid file with unlimited access is the right choice for you.

The REISSWOLF digitalization process of archive documents.

Together with you, we screen and categorize your archive holdings.
Then all important and/or frequently used documents are digitized and pass through the process steps described.